Want the Rink All to Yourself?

Shouldn’t your celebration be just that–your celebration? That’s what private parties are for! Whether you’re accommodating a big group, planning a fundraiser, throwing a holiday party, or you just like your privacy, Extreme Skate Zone is here to make your private party experience the best that it can be.

Your Fun, Your Way

When you book a private skating event, you get the whole rink to yourself! We recommend you fill it with family and friends, but hey, you do you. Here’s what we’ll do for you and your private skating party:

  • happy familySchedule time with our Party Specialist to make your event everything you dream it will be
  • Talk to you about food packages (our most popular one includes unlimited pizza and fountain drinks for every guest)
  • Prep the rink before you arrive to guarantee smooth rolling
  • Help you with any setup when you get here (party decorations, storing trophies and awards, etc)
  • Hang around during your party to make sure everything goes smoothly and every need is met
  • Clean up after your party leaves (yep, you can leave those dirty plates to us!)

A private party at Extreme Skate Zone includes:

  • 2 hour rental of our facilities ($6 per child, $300 minimum – that’s skating for 50 kids)
  • 3 hours of rink time for just $150 extra
  • Skate rentals at no extra cost
  • Staff on standby to make your event a success

So how can you decide between a private skating party and a regular ol’ birthday party? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Will I have more than 20 kids?
  • Am I celebrating a major event (sports team victory, office holiday party, family reunion, school success)?
  • Will just the kids skate, or will parents, siblings, and mentors join in on the fun?
  • Do I want full control of races, special skates, competitions, and games?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, call Extreme Skate Zone and talk to our Party Specialist about booking your private party today.

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