Up Your Skating Game

If you’re a regular skater, you may feel stuck in a rut. Skating is fun, but once you master your wheels, that’s it. Right?

We don’t think so! We’re not called Extreme Skate Zone for nothing. Whether you want to join a speedskating team, learn new skating tricks, or you’re just hoping to impress your friends with better balance, you can improve your skating skills with these tricks.

How to Improve Your Roller-Skating Skills

  • yoga - balanceBalance. You can make it around the rink, but when you go to stop, change direction, or conquer a new trick, things get a little tricky. What to do? Balance exercises! Stand near a wall. Press one hand against the wall and lift your left skate to your ankle. Keep practicing to raise the skate higher. When you feel confident, let go of the wall and practice balancing on each skate. After a few weeks, you’ll feel more in control of your skates than ever before.
  • Speed. How do you become a faster skater? Exercise outside of the rink is a great way to boost your top speed. Don’t want the commitment of a workout? Warm up before you skate, get a lower center of gravity, and let go of the fear of falling. With a few speed drills during the week, you’ll quickly see a change in your top skating speed.
  • Maneuverability. Skating games are a great way to improve your skills. You’ll have to move quickly and precisely if you want to win! Mastering a new trick can also improve your maneuverability on skates. Ask one of our skate guards to show you their favorite roller-skating trick.

What’s the best way to become a better skater? Practice! Come skate with us during the week (plus all day on Saturdays!) and you’ll be amazed at how quickly your skating improves. For more information on roller-skating in Hattiesburg, call Extreme Skate Zone.

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