Teen Party Themes for Your Next Skating Party

What’s the only thing better than a roller-skating birthday party? A themed roller-skating birthday party. Your teens may be too old for princesses and pirates, but that doesn’t mean they won’t love a costume party. Take your Extreme Skate Zone party to the next level with a birthday party theme for the ages.

Birthday Party Themes for Teens

  • treasure troll doll90’s Throwback. 90’s reboots are everywhere, and teens are just as swept up by the 90’s throwback craze as Nickelodeon seems to be. Relive the glory days of inline skating with a 90’s roller-skating party that’s All That. And don’t forget to tell the guests to come in costume! Scrunchies, high-waisted shorts, and glow accessories are officially in again.
  • Superhero Skate. You’re never too old for superheroes. Let your teens unleash their inner caped crusaders with a celebration that’s all about fighting crime. Go DC, Marvel, or let the kids decide!
  • Zombie Madness. Zombie or zombie slayer? With the ripped clothes, muddy hair, and teenage mumbling, it can be hard to tell. If they go for brains instead of the large extra cheese pizza, we recommend you stay away.
  • Skating stars. From Charlie Chaplin to Miss Piggy, Cher to Beyoncé, a lot of celebrities have shown off their skating skills. Plan a retro skating party celebrating all the A-list stars who have strutted their stuff on the skating floor.

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90’s Party

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