Skates: The Gift That Keeps Giving

Searching for the ever-elusive perfect Christmas gift? Something that’s useful, fun, and thoughtful all in one? Sounds like you could use some roller-skates!

Roller-Skates: The Gift That Keeps Giving

girl with christmas presentsRoller-skates are one of those rare gifts that make kids and their parents happy. Kids have a blast zipping around Extreme Skate Zone, learning new tricks, and pushing their speed to new personal records. And parents love activities that 1) don’t involve a screen, and 2) encourage physical fitness. Skating is a fun solo sport, but it’s also great for family fun days, birthday parties, and weekend fun with friends. And as long as you take care of your skates, they’ll last for years!

Holiday Skate Buying Guide

So how do you make sure to buy the right skate for your child? Follow this skate shopping guide:

  • Do some research. Buying skates may seem as simple as choosing between quad and inline. But we sell skates made for speed, maneuverability, tricks, and artistic skating. If your child loves zipping around the rink, he’ll want inline skates for speed. If your daughter is a derby girl, she’ll want roller-derby quad skates.
  • Pick a color. That’s half the fun! You can also customize wheels and laces with fun colors, prints, and even sparkles.
  • Plan ahead. To guarantee you get just what you want, we special order all of our skates. Make sure they’ll arrive in time for Christmas with a little planning.

At Extreme Skate Zone, we know skates. Let us help you find the perfect pair! Visit our skating center in Hattiesburg, MS.

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