Comfortable Skates in No Time Flat

Skating is a great social activity, fitness routine, and fun way to play. If you’re a frequent skater, you’ve probably invested in your own pair of roller-skates. But the first time you put them on, you may find they’re less comfortable than expected. What’s the problem? You need to break in your skates!

How to Break In Roller-Skates

  1. Leather conditioner. If parts of the leather boot are too stiff for comfort, purchase some leather conditioner to soften your skates. Using a soft cloth, rub the conditioner into the uncomfortable part of your boot. Bend the leather back and forth to make the boot less stiff. You may need to repeat this process several times to fully soften the leather.
  2. hair dryerHeat molding. Want to skip the breaking in process? Try heat molding! Many pro skate shops have heat molding ovens specifically for shaping new skates. You can also try heat molding at home–just stay far away from your oven. Instead, grab a hairdryer and heat the skate boot evenly, being careful not to over-heat the leather (it could crack, or worse, burn your skin). Once the skate is warm all over, put your socked foot in the boot, lace it tight, and skate around for a few minutes. It should only take about 5 minutes for the skate to cool off–fitted perfectly to the curve of your foot!
  3. Lacing tricks. Lacing tricks are a great way to break in skates without hurting your foot with an overly stiff boot. How does it work? Lace your skates, skipping the top two holes, and tie the laces loosely at the top. Skate 4-6 hours. At your next skating session, skip only the top hole and skate another 4-6 hours. After that, lace your skates all the way. This process helps you break in your skates without breaking down the ankle support in the process.
  4. Frequent wear. There’s no substitute for good, old fashioned skating. The more you wear your skates, the better they’ll mold to the shape of your foot. You’ll find your skates growing more comfortable, pliant, and even more responsive to maneuvers as you break them in. If they’re still stiff when you lace them up, start with a shorter skating session. Gradually increase the time you skate in them until your roller-skates are as comfortable as an old pair of sneakers (but much more fun!).

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