5 Reasons Camp Kids Love Skating

There’s nothing quite like summer camp. Kids love it, parents love it, and it’s not hard to see how camps and community organizations impact kids’ health and development. That’s why Extreme Skate Zone loves partnering with summer camps, daycare centers, and kids programs like Scouts. Why should you book summer skate days at Extreme Skate Zone?

5 Reasons to Book Summer Camp Skate Days

  1. summer camp groupIt’s fun. Whether they’re at school or sleep away camp, kids love field trips. And what better adventure than Extreme Skate Zone? We have skating, snacks, and arcade games for your more competitive campers.
  2. It keeps kids active. When it’s hot outside, kids tend to trudge through their favorite physical activities. Instead of listening to kids moan as they hike, climb, and play sports in the hot sun, take a morning to relax indoors. Roller-skating is great physical fitness, working muscles in the legs, glutes, abs, and even arms. Not to mention it’s great cardio! Trust us, you and the kids will be happier exercising with A/C than they would be in the sweltering summer heat.
  3. It’s safe. Make parents happy campers (and prevent a call from your insurance company) with a risk-free adventure like indoor roller-skating. For added care, teach kids basic safe skating techniques to control their speed, stop when they need to, and respect other skaters.
  4. It encourages making friends. The kids that play together, stay together. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your campers team up with the kids who skate at their speed. Want to encourage teamwork and fair play? Play team skating games like relay races to promote hard work and reliance on others.
  5. It’s convenient. Extreme Skate Zone makes it easy for camp directors and care providers to book group skating events. Ask us about summer skating group rates or rent the rink for an entire morning of fun.

Call Extreme Skate Zone in Hattiesburg to book your summer camp skating sessions.

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