4 Ways to Plan a Better Skating Party

birthday girlAt Extreme Skate Zone, we know birthdays. We’ve spent years finding the exact formula to give kids in Hattiesburg the best birthday parties ever. We’ve mastered the planning, the set up, the food, the games, and, of course, the entertainment. We even cover the birthday gift: free GTX-500 speed skates with the Big One Birthday Bash! But celebrating your kid is nothing to take lightly. If you’re a parent who loves bigger, better, and more fun, here are 4 ways to take your skating party to the next level!

4 Ways to Plan a Better Skating Party

  1. Book it. There, the basics are covered. No more need to stress about ordering pizza, remembering the paper plates and plastic utensils, or keeping 10-20 kids entertained for 90 minutes. We’ve got you!
  2. Pick a theme. Are you a Pinterest Mom or a DIY Dad? Make this birthday a celebration your family will never forget! Tell the kids to come in costume for an out-of-this-world Star Wars party, or dig deep into your past for a retro skating party the kids will love. Princesses and pirates, superheroes and cowboys . . . it’s all fair game!
  3. Make a game of it. It wouldn’t be a celebration without party games. At Extreme Skate Zone, we’ve got this game thing in the bag. Skate Limbo, Four-Corners, Red Light Green Light, and jam skate contests are just a few of the fun competitions your kids can enjoy during an Extreme Skate Zone birthday party. Have an awesome idea for a game on wheels? Let us approve it for safety, then get ready to go all out!
  4. Make memories. It didn’t happen if it’s not on Facebook! Capture the joy on your kids’ faces with your smartphone or camera. Share them on social media, or go old school and send each kid a snapshot in the mail as a thanks for coming.

Get ready to get down! Call Extreme Skate Zone to book your kids skating party today!

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