3 Steps to Finding the Ideal Skates

What does the holiday season mean for kids in Hattiesburg? Nonstop fun at their favorite skating center! We have a full schedule of weekly sessions, special events, and field trips to keep you out active and having fun. But there’s one thing that could make life even better: a new pair of roller-skates.

3 Steps to Buying the Right Roller-Skates

  1. Get serious about fun. If you only skate on Labor Day and Thanksgiving, new skates aren’t a good investment. But if great music, good friends, and new skating tricks sound right up your alley, a new set of wheels will take your skating game to a whole new level.
  2. inline skatesChoose your style. Do you love the retro style of classic quad skates? You’ll also love their stability, whether you’re cruising circles or trying your hand (er, foot) at jam skating. Are you a speed fiend? Inline skates can reach some serious speeds, in addition to having great maneuverability for skating tricks. Not sure what you like? Swing by our skate rental center and test drive inline and quad skates during our weekly skating sessions.
  3. Talk to the pros. After all, we do this every day. We know all about trucks and bearings, wheel hardness (and how it changes your speed), and which type of boot is right for your style of skating. We also have an in with the latest and greatest in the world of roller-skates. Looking for light-up wheels, neon laces, or a custom-printed skate boot? You’ve come to the right place.

Ready to roll? Take your new skates for a test ride with weekly skating at Extreme Skate Zone in Hattiesburg.

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